Solar energy?

Weaknesses to relying on solar energy

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  1. one thing to consider is that a small scale solar voltaic system would probably be direct current.
    These collectors are expensive and may be only 20 to 25 percent efficient
    Alternating current is much much more efficient.
    We have all seen theses small sub stations while driving down the highway…if We were still using direct current We would have to have one of them every two linear miles.
    led bulbs have made direct current lighting more feasible.
    The only real advantage of direct current is that you can store it in batteries.
    You also need to consider the fact that the sun isn’t always available(night/cloudy days etc).
    A friend of mine lives on 12 volt direct current in his house but he has kerosene heat and gas water heater.
    He runs his lights radio TV on direct current(small TV)like a 9" screen.
    His shower is run on a 12 volt pump.
    If you want to get an idea of what kind of life style you would be looking at check out the systems that you have in travel trailers and Av’s.
    When operating on direct current your limited.
    We’ve all seen the plug in applances in catalgs like Jc whitneys ect
    The picures in the catlogs are misleading.
    For example the cooler that you see that can cool or cook looks like full size cooler in the picure…but in real life its only big enough for 4 or 5 cans of pop/beer…and still doesnt cool it down as much as you would think..its more for keeping already cold things cool longer.
    When you cook with it you can make a meat loaf but it takes a long time.
    The frying pan looks big too…but is only big enough for like one egg and also takes a while
    The coffee pots are adverised as 4 cup…but they are not talking about 8 oz cups.
    They are more like 2 or 3 oz.
    If you get 1 good cup of coffee your doing good(and also takes a while
    If your willing to put up with the limits that’s great.
    Your best way of using solar energy is to use it to produce heat(air or fluid collectors).

  2. There are ZERO weaknesses to solar energy!

    Everything to solar energy is a gain, You add a solar heating panel to your home and you have gained not lossed. You add a solar electric system to your home you gained again. There are no losses.

    As far as the cost being high.. That is a lot of BS as well. People needs to keep in mind they are buying 30 YEARS of electric. Seems everyone thinks if solar cost more then 500 dollars it is a lot? How much will you spend on renting electirc over the next 30 years? $100,000 or $200,000? Be real about your math and add in the 3.5% cost of living incresses and then add in the 6.5% fuel cost increases every year.. Then compaire it to a LOW COST $34,000 solar electric system. Seems you could buy 3 or more of these so called high cost systems for the price you are going to rent power for.

    Using solar energy will help make sure your grand kids will be able to see real live birds fly in the sky.

    The only thing that will live after global warming has reached its peak will be some small bugs that like heat. Even most fish will die because they can’t live in water that is 3 to 5 deg hotter then normal.

    I about forgot one thing. You back feed the public utility with solar electric like it is some kind of a large battery. Then at night you pull the extra power back out of the public utillity and use it. So it don’t matter if it is night or a week of rain with no sun. Someone lives in the next state or town that is getting sunlight and back feeding the public utility. There are dams on our rivers and wind mills and other ways to make electric without using coal or nukes.

    I don’t see any weaknesses do you?

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