stupid green runescape clothing!!!!?

i just started my runescape account and i was wondering if anyone knew how to get out of the ugly greeen clothes u start with ???/ thanks! =]
also it would be nice if i knew how to get armour ..thanks

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  1. In verrock theres a clothing store i think its right next to the general store. Just ask around near the store and some one should bring you to it, its very, very close.

  2. go to varrock and in the very center there is a clothes shop where ou can pay like 5k to change your clothes.


    ok if you mean green d hide, you can buy it in grand exchange.
    if you mean your actual character clothes go to falador and to the makeover mage and you can change you clothes there.

  4. in Varrock.. There’s a person which changes your Clothes for I think 500 gold for top/pants. Or you could just wear armour to cover other the clothes.

  5. If you would like to change your default clothes you will need the visit Thessalia in varrock. She is in the clothes shop which is marked with a green shirt, her shop is near varrock square.
    You will also need to pay her a fee of 1000 GP.
    Then select which top, bottom and armbraces you would like and the colour you wish to have.

    You can get armour by easily trading with other players, use the grand exchange, do some quests and kill monsters.

    There are 7 differant melee armour’s for f2p players i will list them in order starting from the weakest.

    Bronze-no requirements
    Iron-no requirements
    Steel-5 defence
    Black-10 defence, Availible in more expensive trimmed versions.
    Mithril-20 defence
    Adamant-30 defence, availible in more expensive trimmed versions
    Rune-40 defence, availible in more expensive trimmed versions and in god colors.(note that you need completion of dragon slayer in order to wear the rune platebody)

    Rangers have a few pairs of armour i will list them from weakest to strongest.(f2p)

    soft Leather armour-no requirements
    Hard leather body-no requirements
    Studded leather armour-20 range and defence, availible in more expensive trimmed versions
    Green dragonhide-40 defence and 40 range, availible in more expensive and trimmed versions-please note that the green dragonhide body requires completion of the Dragon slayer quest.

    F2p Mages use to only have 1 pair of magic armour but since the release of the fist of guthix minigame they have a few more armours availible.

    Blue wizard armour-no requirements, availible in more expensive trimmed versions.
    Druidic robes-20 magic and 10 defence
    Combat robes-20 magic and 10 defence

    There are also Ranger coifs which are Green, blue, red and black.
    Currently the green coifs are the only non member dragonhide coifs.

    Please note all fist of guthix degrade while worn in combat.

    You can only trade/sell degraded Fist of guthix armour which the stats are not good and the armour looks worn out.
    You will need to pay a certain amount of tokens to repair degraded armour.

    Trimmed versions of armour are availible to members and free players but are only obtainable by members from treasure trails.

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