Solar Energy and Hydropower energy would you say these are good energy resources?

Im doing a project for science on energy resources and i happened to chose solar and hydro power energy. I need some opinions about them.. Are these good energy sources..Tell me what you guys think.

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  1. Solor energy you are creating your own engery and after installing it, it will pay itself off, and they you will live off of the land without having to pay for hydro which goes up in price all of the time, You don’t have to rely on anyone for you electricity because you are generating your own. Best part is, if they power goes out you will still have it cause you are self reliant!!,

  2. Vickie Vanderlip

    All power sources have drawbacks. The two you mention, like nuclear, are relatively clean, which is a plus.

    Hydro is very cheap for the amount of energy we get, but our rivers are basically all dammed up already – there isn’t a lot more hydropower we can get.

    Solar is one of the most expensive ways to generate electricity on a utility scale, but could be the cheapest way to generate electricity on a homeowner scale, at least for many urban homes. Unless one has a stream running through their property to run a water wheel, or strong steady wind, the other choices for getting power are using a gas- or oil-powered generator, or buying retail electricity from the grid. The generator will cost more per kWh over the life of the system, and the grid electricity could be more or less expensive, depending on where one lives. At the moment, the grid is usually cheaper, but not in all parts of the country.

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