Solar Energy (Freiburg, Germany)

Solar Energy Village in Germany (Freiburg).

25 thoughts on “Solar Energy (Freiburg, Germany)”

  1. In the region Puglia, conservative region of the catholic South of Italy, young people have formed a new party called Left Ecology and freedom with a gay President,he wins the regional elections and now he is president of the region Puglia.

  2. @JulchenTanzt
    Looks very interesting. I would like to see this type of cities to be build in Australia, especially that in Australia we have so much sun.

  3. Freiburg is such a relaxed city- and surrounded by green! You should all come and enjoy hiking or skiiing in the blackforest and also get to know the sustainability programs we run here… not everybody lives in such houses, but nearly everybody is aware of environmental issues in that city! and thats just awesome!

  4. Human had created the longest oil pipe so why not creat the longest air compressor that shall make free energy? Solar power/electricity combined with air compressor that will make free energy.

  5. Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  6. Next logical step would be the electrical car and other forms of transportation. They could serve two functions;

    1 mobility (duh!)
    2 act as a buffer to eliminate the powergrid fluctuations.

    The biggest advantage of solar and wind energy is imo the decentralisation, making the net more reliable.

    I do hope prices of panels will drop.
    Imagine half of the roofs covered with PV panels, most motorized vehicles running on electricity.

    All first world countries should follow this example.

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