Solar Energy Installation

Photovoltaic solar energy installation

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  1. why not just build our PV towers up about five miles up, It would end solar sprawl which is a waste just like urban sprawl! We must produce PV panels that are 1 KW per panel, that would make them cost efficient, even if you were to put them on top of house, because if you have 3 to 5 on your roof you could power your whole house, and use any extra energy to produce hydrogen gas for the times when the sun is down, and when the wind does not blow if you have wind-turbines to power your home

  2. i dont want solar panels to “go green” or any of that i want em cause they save money lol

  3. Your inverter is matched to a battery bank voltage – it is unrelated to your solar panel voltage.

  4. get 2 more 80 watt panels and put them in series thats 12v X4 = 48 thats not common but it will work …..

  5. I built my own Solar Panels that currently provide free electricity for my 1700 square foot home using the simple plans at:


  6. Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  7. That’s truly amazing! I slashed my electric bill in half! look here: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  8. i have got 2. 80 w 12v panels but have got 48v inverter do i get one more 80w panel ?????

  9. Can I make them from stuff in my junk drawer?
    I’d like to sell enough power back to the power company to put them out of business. Can I hook a generator to an electric motor and then sell that extra power back too? I’ll tell you, this stuff is so easy. Most of it was invented by a 9 year old in Albania in 1955. Free Energy!

  10. Oh Great…that is the best thing..I’m in my first way trying to figure out how should I start ..I hope it is not that hard to do…PEACE

  11. howmakeSOLARPANELS

    I have all my house powered with solar panels. I never pay for electricity. I GET PAID for selling electricity. I have full instruction on how to make very cheap home made solar panels.

  12. Sounds like Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats. Am I right?

    How much do the panels weigh?

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