What are some simple things our family can do to start living green that make a difference?

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14 thoughts on “What are some simple things our family can do to start living green that make a difference?”

  1. Check out Planetpals.com–its a great source for Kids and Families. Free downloads and activities and simple info about you and your planet. Informative and inspiring you to be more pro active and earth friendly in a fun way!


    Loads of ideas and it’s a unique site!

  2. 1. Having lots of money
    2. A log cabin behind the mountains (that of course would mean lots of trees would have to be cut down to build it).
    3. Solar heat and solar electric panels to become energy-independent as much as possible, I would even buy the new goofy looking light bulbs, because they really use less electricity.
    4. The place would have to be so far away from society so that I wouldn’t hear from all this nonsense anymore.

    In addition to all of this, are you folks out there aware that your computer uses the amount of power like 15 to 20 new goofy looking power-saving light bulbs would use if they would be turned on all at the same time? So lets all turn off the computers.
    Would you????

  3. Start a worm farm! 🙂 It’s great fun for all the family and you can make your own fertilizer for the garden whilst not having to throw out your organic wastes.

  4. the easy things to do is to shut off any thing you are not using like the lights and water unplug the TV and other electric items that keep pulling electricity even when there not on.

  5. angel_of_faith0906

    Its good to check out what recycling programs/facilities are available where you live… also planting a garden, even just some herbs on the windowsill is good. Of course carpooling, reusing things that would normally get pitched (washed pill bottles are great for nails, thumbtacks etc), walking or bikeriding instead of driving short distances, reusing gift bags, and have you checked out freecycle.com?

  6. recycle cans paper and plastic and what ever else you can .you can also try to not waste electricity such as turn a light out when u leave the room.don’t leave the fridge door open to long .their is also turning off the water when it not in use .change the light bulbs to the kind that save energy.get windows that keep the heat in so ur not cranking up the heater to often save money and try not to burn wood that’s surprisingly bad

  7. ^Don’t let the water run, like when your brushing your teeth turn it off while you brush.

    Take quick showers instead of baths.

    Use energy efficient light bulbs.

    Don’t over water you lawn, plants etc. and water at night, you can not only use less water your foliage will be able to drink in the moisture better than in the hot sun.

    Walk, ride a bike you don’t always need to drive to get where your going.

    Make sure your car is in good condition so it doesn’t use extra oil or gas.

    Carpooling is not just for work, if a few neighbors go shopping and use one car less air pollution.


    Use cloth bags instead of paper or plastic.

    Use non-chemical cleaners, if you think they are expensive you can use vinegar, water and/or baking soda to clean almost everything.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

  8. the simplest thing to do is switch to a vegan lifestyle. No more contributing to industrialized factory farms that pollute the air and water way makes a HUGE difference in our environment. And vegan also includes animal and Earth friendly products (biodegradable), recycling (of course), and lots of other ways to make less of an impact on the Earth. Because lets face it even the biggest environmentalist has a negative impact on the Earth just by using the resources it provides…but it’s our job to make sure we leave the Earth as we found it…or even better.

  9. Recycle.Use less papers this will help to reduce cutting down tress.Plant at least one tree near where you live.

  10. there are hundreds (or by now even thousands) of ideas people have provided on Yahoo Answers already with regard to what your family can do to start living green (and all those ideas make a difference both with regard to global warming and with regard to your reducing your bills). No use repeating them…just go look.

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