Solar Power 101 – how does sunlight turn into electricity

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25 thoughts on “Solar Power 101 – how does sunlight turn into electricity”

  1. Im supposed to research on this topic for some gay writing class I’m taking but I was wondering, can we create our own source of solar power, that is can we essentially create our own little “sun”? comment in my profile if you have anything good to say.

  2. how does rain or snow … water in general effect the solar panels? is there any deprecation of solar panels?

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  4. Great video…I converted my home to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no oil or gas…I made a video about it called, “Preparing for Peak Oil”….

  5. great video!

    the only problem is the graph at 0:55, where it states that AC power goes from the inverter to the Batteries. Batteries are charged via DC.

  6. You CAN install panels on two sides of a building but the sides facing south or SSE get the most direct sunlight, therefore will be much more efficient. In the Northern hemisphere, panels facing NORTH are almost useless, but panels facing Southwest or Southeast CAN be up to 95% as efficient as due south, especially if you tilt the panels to be perpendicular to the sun’s highest point in the sky – aka ‘solar noon’.

  7. When installing solar panels on the roof of a house, can it be done on both sides instead of just one? Please reply.
    I working on a project for physics class.

  8. интересно, какая удельная стоимость таких солнечных панелей в рублей/ватт?

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  11. Everybody is all for it. I hope the price can come down to 2.50 per watt, otherwise the rich will get “richer” and the poor get “poorer” in terms of energy costs. But it will all help, when anyone buys solar, there will be “grid power” available without brownouts.

  12. frankendependence

    Sorry it took so long to reply.

    If you are going to be off grid, you don’t need an inverter. Solar panels generate DC current which is the same type of power in a battery or a motorhome.

    You need something called a charge controller, but the purpose of an inverter is to change DC power to AC power to run the normal AC current devices in your home or business. If you are going to be 100% off-grid, you will need to use batteries and DC appliances and devices.

  13. frankendependence

    There are modern inverters (such as those built by Outback) that incorporate battery charging technology “in the box”. You are correct that you need DC power to charge batteries. Off grid systems which rely on batteries often require DC appliances and lighting (like those found in motorhomes). Solar power inverters are quickly making solar photovoltaics plug and play for almost any circumstance.
    In a grid tied system, batteries are seldom used these days. They are for backup power only

  14. tyroonblackfire

    Solar Power very good thing and more people should probably try a

    Although may as well point out that you cannot charge a battery/s with AC current, unlike this video suggests. Ever you would have to have it before the converter maybe in a similar fusion to a UPS or a second converter to change it back to DC just to charge the battery/s and that would be next to pointless.

  15. When the Photo Voltaic cells are configured into a charging-battery bank system and inverted, it is possible to store energy and achieve high-amperage hours output beyond 100amps!

  16. I am a carpenter on the North side of Chicago for some very wealthy people, you would be surprised just how inefficient solorvotaic cells are. A house that can accommodate 500 square feet on its southern facing roofs, houses much bigger than normal would be lucky if it generated 30 amps. To keep this in perspective the average persons house is run on a 100 amp service, and batteries are not much better. Hopefully with rising fuel cost moneys will finally be allocated for effective research.

  17. True, but isn’t the real cost of the damage to all life on the planet. A coal fired power station is being built each week, even if we all go solar, they will choke the planet and we will supply them with the coal to do it.

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