Super Green Homes By Dean Konstantine call 877 961-2332 What is a super green home? A home that is 1000 times stronger, won’t burn down, can withstand the worst weather and uses little to no energy utilizing recycled materials while being very affordable! Dean Konstantine explains what goes into a home that is a real super green home. visit or call 877 961-2332

7 thoughts on “Super Green Homes By Dean Konstantine”

  1. Wont burn? Is it lava proof? I have land in the big island I hope to retire to, so yes I have a concern.

  2. yea, thats why I said “If it matters”

    cause it really didn’t… I just had a compunction to post.

    The whole carbon tax thing is kind of retarded… of course, its supposed to be that way. There are the same number of trees in the US now as there were when the settlers showed up… replantation and reliance on foriegn imports. Might be something to be said about deforestation in say South America… but thats still just basically a giant carbon sink 😛

    breath out, breath in…

  3. Earth and it’s inhabitants need more, not less, CO2.
    More CO2 means:

    * More Plant Growth
    * Plants need less water
    * More food per acre
    * More robust habitats and ecosystems

    CO2 is Earth’s greatest airborne fertilizer. Without it – No Life On Earth!

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