How does wearing green clothing help the environment?

I want to "go green" but i’m not really sure what it means. I went out and bought 2 green dresses, 3 green shirts and a couple pairs of green pants. I don’t really understand how this helps, but I am trying to do my part?

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  1. Of course this is just sarcasm but to have a really "green" outfit, just wear clothes made out of recycled cotton, clothes made from used cloth but turned into something "new", stuff that’s been recycled like a juice pouch purse or recycled cotton tote bag.

  2. bad tim, horned gods Я sexy, jpa

    the most important part of the green movement is for everbody to get emerald green humvees, if you can’t afford one, you can make up for it by watering every day for 2 hours and using your gas mower 3 times a week to make sure your lawn remains a consistent deep green..

  3. Pin -ooo sparkly things!

    *Sings* "It’s not easy being green.."

    Green works for Kermit – why shouldn’t it work for you?

  4. Not the color green, silly. It is much more expensive, and I personally cannot afford it…but buying clothes made of organic cotton and hemp, does help the environment by supporting the use of natural growing methods, without putting the chemical fertilizers, and chemical pesticides into the soil. It also helps to encourage all growers to switch to organic growing methods, if we help to develop a market. *sm*

  5. cherrysplash2121

    It helps because all the clothes are made of eco friendly materials. So it i really good to "Go Green"

  6. My uneducated guess would be that U are only gonna help the environment substantially if the green dye is soy based~



  7. The Mick Has Risen

    I think green dye is good for the enviroment but i don’t really understand why. Keep up the good work!

  8. I don’t get it, either. And the worse part is that I really don’t look good in green…..I feel your pain, but let’s still do our part.

  9. Sophia My Qs Will Offend You

    So, Mr. GreenJeans was an environmentalist? Fascinating! Who knew Captain Kangaroo would turn out to be so prescient…

  10. It helps a lot!

    good luck finding a man wearing a green dress! if you aren’t able to pop out a bunch of kids, that helps tons!

  11. By wearing more green, the plants and trees are encouraged to reproduce. The more green they see, the more green they make. The Piltwater-Sears-McDonough study of 2003 proved this beyond doubt.

    Thanks; we all have to do our part to save the planet.

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