Will a red kitchen look gawdy next to a seafoam green living room?

I’m deciding on kitchen paint colors and picked out red. I think it would look great with my cabinets and everything, but the kitchen is right next to the living room, which has seafoam green walls. You can see the kitchen from the living room, so I don’t want the colors to clash or look too christmasy. What do you think? What are some other kitchen paint ideas? The cabinets are medium brownish with tan counter tops and white fridge.

6 thoughts on “Will a red kitchen look gawdy next to a seafoam green living room?”

  1. Yes it will be too Christmas looking and disjointed. Choose a green color that is slightly darker than the living room. It will tie the rooms together and yet give the kitchen a feel of its own.

  2. I don’t think red is a good choice for you BUT what I always do is pick out my three favorites, buy either a sample jar if available or a quart of each and paint sample sections on the wall. You would put yours on the wall closest to the red wall. You will quickly see if you like it or not! Good luck!

  3. can you get a bead curtain or some kind of door/barrier so you can’t see into the living room??? cuz i wanted to do my kitchen in yellow and daisies and my ex bf wanted to do the living room in red and scarface, and we had the same problem. maybe you can just incorporate some red into the living room? i dont know, maybe if you are dead set on the red you can just change the living room color. good luck and sorry if i wasn’t much help, lol. I’m only 19 so I probably don’t have the best advice for this sort of thing.

  4. We have an open floor plan and my living room is red. I love the red. The red walls butt up against light green walls going up the stairway. We bought it this way 2 years ago and it looks just fine. I’d be sure your red isn’t too red, but a little brownish. My kitchen also looks into the living room and it is painted a chocolate brown which I also love. My cabinets are light brown (maple) and the counters are a gray beige. It all goes very well together. Good luck!

  5. No, I wouldn’t do this. Not with real red. Can you move it towards an orangey red, a burnt orange, a terracotta, or something more muted? A reddish colour about the same intensity as your green should still look okay with the rest of your kitchen. Still not my favourite combo but better with green than real red.

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