The Devastating Effects of Toxic Home Cleaning Supplies

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4 thoughts on “The Devastating Effects of Toxic Home Cleaning Supplies”

  1. i use melaleuca products and other essential oils free of bleach formaldihyde, etc. i have not been sick including sinus issues since and i have my own cleaning and organizing business so i use the products daily!

  2. Exactly. You can order those wonderful eco products by clicking the link below the video =)

  3. People really need to start thinking about what they are using in their homes as far as these different chemicles are concerned. You wonder why so many people die from cancer every day when the whole time the cause of it might be right under our sinks, or stored in our cupboards!! I would suggest using the legacy of clean line of products from Amway Global–absolutely amazing products without all those chemicals. Very comparable in price, too!!

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