Where can I have a Solar Energy training handbook ?

Where can I find a low-page training handbook about Solar Energy ? I want to start a training program and I’m having difficulty choosing the correct book. I plan on having a classroom with 10-20 people, 5 day training program, but I’m having difficulty choosing a book.

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  1. There is a wealth of information at this site: http://www.nmsu.edu/~tdi/Photovoltaics/Codes-Stds/Codes-Stds.html , but you would need to condense it to what you planned to teach.

    There are also training programs here: http://www.nabcep.org/resources/training

    I’m not clear on the goals of your class. If you mean to train installers, you could not make them into electricians in 5 days. If you mean to train electricians in the grunt work of hauling panels up to the roof and mounting them (i.e., training them to be apprentice roofers), that might be possible.

    If you meant solar hot water, there’s a similar case. You can’t make a plumber in 5 days, but could train existing plumbers on installing the panels.

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