The Green House Nursing Home Alternative

No one wants to live or place someone they love in a nursing home. But what if there was an alternative the the traditional hospital like nursing home. The Green House Model hopes to revolutionize how we care for our elders. Develped by Dr. William Thomas. Documentary short Produced by Wiland-Bell Productions Directed by Dale Bell Edited by Beverly Baroff

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  1. a lot of nursing homes have terrible food! it’s made from food out of cans. either heavily salted or w/ very little salt..salt that isn’t iodized. drinking water that burns your nose w/ the smell of chlorine. given juices out of little plastic cups, that have no flavor, just corn syrup. all of them on prilosec or protonix,…known to be directly correlated w/ pneumonia, fractures,& c.diff. ; or boniva/fosamax known to cause abnormal fractures. Nsg home bottom line, the drugs they prescribe

  2. my mom is working in a greenhouse in jefferson city,TN,she loves it and all the residents love it…

  3. pabstabilly – Respectfully, I have to disagree. Historically in North American/Western society elderly individuals were cared for by their family, friends and community. It was only after we became heavily urbanized and we moved away from family care to specialized institutions that older members of a community were seen as burdens on the family rather than sources of wisdom and knowledge.

  4. My husband watched this and teared up. We heard about this project on NPR and talked about it for days. He’s an assisted living director, soon to have an administrators license. How can we get involved in this movement? We’ll move.

  5. I thoroughly agree with you on the concept of an organic greenhouse. The elimination of processed foods from my diet has contributed to enormous improvements in my health and vitality. I’m sure with a better diet we can live to be 110 with a better quality of life without the need for nursing homes. However, this setting is a vast improvement to the ordinary setting! -Jennifer

  6. This should stand up to it’s name Green House Nursing, they should add a hydroponic greenhouse in which they can grow their own food and participate in the daily care it takes to make the community truly Eden. Could you imagine their health boost they would get from the organic foods they would consume instead of all those processed foods and sweets. :O)Bless them all.
    Spirituality, Love and Light._Holly

  7. Greenhouse isn’t supposed to be for everyone. Of course maintaining independence at home is the number one option.
    But some people don’t have that choice. Greenhouses are supposed to be a loving affordable alternative to traditional institutional almost jail like nursing homes. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I’m not 100% convinced. Dying is not traditionally something that is done in a community environment. It’s a very personal thing that many people wish to do alone. I for one would not want to live with a group of my peers when I am old and spend my last moments with them. Some people just don’t get on, especially the elderly and the infirm.
    The GreenHouses work on the supposition that the elderly are somehow miraculously transformed in these small community settings. Death will come regadless.

  9. When I am that old, I hope I can still run and ride my dirt bike. I have seen it done before.

  10. I have been in health care for 35 yrs, starting out as a candy striper. I worked as a CNA, while attending nursing school. There has been a slow, but steady, transformation of caring for the elderly. I fully support the Eden or Green House alternative. It CAN BE DONE. Smaller homes with a few residents, instead of warehousing our elderly. Get the profit companies out.
    Currently, Medicaid pays an average of $4,000 a month for nursing home care. A nonprofit company could do a lot with that.

  11. It sounds great..I hope it is true and that many more places like this will come to exist.

  12. greencoveredbridge

    the promo video is nice, but where are you going to find all these wonderful caregivers? will they have an hour to feed someone is the family doesn’t come in and do it? What happens when you’re short staffed? How often do you change people’s diapers? The building is nice, but who cares? Staffing is the issue. Many places claim to bake “all the time”. I know of a place that claimed to have jucuzzis, but they never had the plumbing hooked up!

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