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Unlimited Energy is the largest, locally owned solar contractor in the Central San Joaquin Valley. We have been in business in Fresno since 1984 and have designed and installed some of the largest PV projects in the State of California. With over 2.75 million watts installed spanning over 400 installations, we’ve earned the right to be called the authority on solar. Solar energy can be a complicated endeavor. We make it simple. This video explains solar energy and shows Unlimited Energy’s depth and breadth of work.

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  1. yes, my grandad had two installed in south wales, he had to go through months of planning permission and white suits coming out to see his house, the electricity panel costed around £1200 and the hot water pannel was a little less than that, but didnt include the tank or any piping and plumming. it isnt a very cost affective event to begin with, but after a few years you start to bounce back and start saving money. in this financial season however, i doubt we see many houses with solar pannels

  2. Yeah, it’s easier to install solar panels on your house in the U.S., and then your neighbor sue you to make you take them down.

  3. I saw a documentary about a man building his own house here in the UK, and was actually denied planning permission to install solar panels because they were ‘unsightly’. His house was in the middle of a forest. Maybe we have more ridiculous laws in this country than you do in the US. I don’t suppose the saving would be as much as those in sunny California either. Does anybody in the UK have experience of using solar power? Are there any similar companies here as the one in this advert?

  4. actually there is no something that could be called unlimited energy…as for being a natural law there is not unlimited energy .even the sun will consume all hydrogen molecules and enter the dying procces within next billion years forming the ((dark hole))..but there is something that we can call it as ((high power long lasting cheap energy sources )) that have not been invented yet…

  5. woah. you can sell extra energy you generate to the electric company… i am so getting this when i buy a home

  6. im only 20, but whenever I get to the point where i’m going to purchase a home, i will definitely be having solar power installed… free energy.. i love the concept… i’ll also have geothermal heating/cooling installed

  7. I live in Texas is this solar powere really worth it. I own a 2600sf home will this really save me money?

  8. dimitrigregorieff

    This video is very informative. Well done. Could you tell me if you know of a company such as yours based out of Florida.

  9. Are there any organizations that will sponsor low income homeowners to convert homes to solar energy?

  10. This is a great promo-video. I was chuckling the whole time, though, because it is funny to see “normal” (i. e. non-hippie, DRAGNET looking folks) lovin’ their solar. The background music is perfect. And that is what I love about California — the normality of doing things differently. You don’t have to be “weird” to go solar. God, how I wish Alabama (where I live) was like that!

  11. Cool video, very well done and easily understandable for non rocket scientists. What I was always wondering: Does it make sense to install the panels with a gap to the roof so as an addition it shades the roof and air flows between so the roof remains relatively cool?

  12. cleanenergyworks

    Solar modules generally carry 25 year warranties/performance guarantees. They are expected to have over 30 years of useful life, as there are early modules that are still producing power after 50 years of life.

  13. well the flexibility of solar modules are somehwhat limited at the moment, there are thin films modules developed and on the market. the new and exciting area is the organic solar cell area- whereby they can make plastics that make electricity from the sun. I am excited by this area. However I am trained traditionally as a silicon solar engineer. But the whole area is growing so quickly and changing so fast. I love it.

  14. How long does the soloar panel last? 10 years? 20 years? etc before you have to replace it.

  15. This is a very funny video..”Pardon the pun..but his energy bills were driving him nuts”. LOL.

  16. love to see that ‘Ind’ in America… and he is treated like an equal citizen, thats the thing that makes your country great

  17. Our 2.7 kW system would cost $15,993 installed after a $7,002 rebate, and would qualify for a $2,000 residential Federal Tax Credit (higher for home-based business). Producing about 5,022 kWh/year, this saves up to $1,740/year for PG&E customers. These savings increase on average 6.7% annually due to California utility rate increases, according to 30 years of CPUC data. Most homeowners have a straight cash payback of 5-10 years, when factoring in a conservative 5% annual rate increase.

  18. seems like a great idea – what does it cost to install a unit on an average 3 bedroom house – just a ballpark estimate. You mention that you will pay off the investment in a few years of saved electric bills, but give us some facts. Your marketing talk is not very informative.

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