What are some cheap ways of capitalizing on solar energy?

I can’t afford solar panels; but I can, for example, afford to open my blinds during the day.

Do you know of any creative ways of harvesting the sun’s energy?

3 thoughts on “What are some cheap ways of capitalizing on solar energy?”

  1. roderick_young

    One way is to simply line-dry your clothes. Just think in terms of what people did years ago, no need to go high tech.

    Oh, and don’t waste your money on scams like Earth4Energy. There has been a slew of questions posted about the same time as yours, conveniently answered by different screen names, but new accounts with the same template.

  2. Solar energy is NOT cheap. If it were, the government would not be spending tax money to try to push people into using it. People would use it BECAUSE it was cheap.

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