Wind and Solar Energy How-To

Video description of how I’ve setup a solar / wind electric generating system for the first time. This is to power a radio tower in Enfield Maine. But, it could apply to any solar power or wind power application.

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  1. bearboneskentuck

    The air x has its built in controller. The air x people have told me it is best to seperate the wind and solar system

  2. kertehjaya, shut the fuck up, just because the wires were messy doesn’t imply that the setup is unsafe. Get out!

  3. Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  4. Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  5. czarsolarhydrowind

    Mine is in St Pete, Fl It is only 20ft and I put my digital antena below it so I can justify a dule purpous. No problems yet?

  6. czarsolarhydrowind

    You could make a portable system that you could take with you when your lease is up? I have also been surfin for good information and when I get it all together my channel will try to have easy info For dummys like me! Renewable energy starts whith the small guy And I’m gonna pass my info on for free to people who want to know. soon couple more weeks.

  7. czarsolarhydrowind

    Hey, ever thought of running a 12v motor to a harbor freights 10,000 watt power head, pully and belt drive would take some figuring but this is like my set up and I just need $250 for the power head. Then maybe a small float charger to help the batteries recycle? I need more watts but am on a budget.

  8. czarsolarhydrowind

    Hello, I got a Marine air on discount shelf at west marine and cant seem to figure out how to convert my 24v to 12v so I dont have to buy 24v inverter, dose anyone have an easy solution to my problem? Maybe some kinda dule charger or something, I’m stumped! I want it all to one bank of four at 12v? I’ve been searching for weeks.

  9. the way he has arranged the entire set up is UNSAFE. DONOT play with electricity like this, it can kill people. Do it safely and live happily

  10. That’s truly amazing! I slashed my electric bill in half! look here: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  11. Oh, for newbie like me…here’s block diagram of these solar/wind system.

    3 Solar Panels (in parallel) connected to Charge Controller then to Battery and then to Inverter…. Very simple, isn’t it?

    And his Wind Power is connected directly to Battery. I am asking him, why not connect to the Charge Controller?

    And if you want more power (wattage), add more Solar Panels and if you want more storage, add more Batteries…..

    That simple …Isn’t it?………

  12. I enjoyed your tour… thanks for sharing! I actually laughed out loud when I saw the cable mess. I know how cables can get out of hand. Happens to me, too. I read all the comments below your video and my heart sunk when I read that your awesome setup was robbed. I am building a similar setup and was considering locking the panels to a steel frame with posts in the ground with concrete to deter theft. I might attach a padlock to the panels and steel mounts. Really sorry for your loss.

  13. If you’re still plugged in to the grid and you are generating more electricity than you use, your meter will start going backwards and the power company will owe you money. It’s suggested that you have a battery system if you want to go off grid completely. This is all pretty new to me, but I really want to learn how to do this.

  14. ¿ Is It possible to live with 10 panels like those and two wind thnigs ? Im talking about a normal life, with pc, light ( with leds) tv, xbox360, owen, etc. And how much will it be. ¿ Need a battery? Thanks

  15. Hmmn, so you’ve got a little outbuilding setup out in the middle of a field somewhere with a wind turbine and 3 solar panels propped up on the ground and transmitting radio and stuff huh?
    That’s wild.

  16. Robbed? I hate theives and crooks. You are very cool and nice to share your knowledge here. You need security that will send an alert to your phone when interrupted. Also something that will scare the hell out of robbers. Laura

  17. Read the comments already posted.
    There are many answers to questions already asked. But otherwise ask away.

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