how to make green clothing dye?

I need to make a grey-green shirt a brighter green. it’s fine if it runs when I wash it, I just need it brighter for one event. any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “how to make green clothing dye?”

  1. rit clothing dye really is the best fabric dye.. but for something natural you can boil brocolli …strain it then put your shirt in the hot water.. for a few hours then rinse with cold water..

  2. Just mix food coloring w/ vinegar. dunk the whole thing into a ice cream pail or something as you will ruin a sink w/ the stain. You could also just put the food coloring into your washing machine and wash the shirt alone, but leave out the vinegar. Just an idea. We tye dyed shirts in grade school once yrs ago…Ha

  3. In a pinch I have mixed acrylic paint with water. It worked beautifully. I still have the shirt, and acrylic is inexpensive.

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