What are some pros and cons of solar energy?

Also: why should we move away from fossil fuels?
and remember what are the pros and cons of solar energy

5 thoughts on “What are some pros and cons of solar energy?”

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    hope you can get some cons from someone else cause all i got are pros…

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  2. Pros–cost efficient in isolated areas
    independence from traditional sources
    pollution free

    cons–space needed for construction
    current cost for urban use

  3. solar is the way to go .plus you get a 30 % tax break from the government if you have solar installed on your home. My husband has a solar bussiness. And just from having solar hot water system installed , you can save 80 dollars a month on your electric bill. It pays for itself believe me

  4. Solar energy is good because it is a renewable resource, we can use it over and over again. Its does not damage the environment. However it can be costly and it can only work during the day.

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