What color clothing goes with dark hair and pale skin?

I have chocolate brown hair and pale skin and green eyes.
What color clothes go best with these features?
I like dark colors. Does black or grey go well with brown hair?

5 thoughts on “What color clothing goes with dark hair and pale skin?”

  1. black goes with EVERYTHING!

    haha uhm. if your into a emo punk type look try some dark eyeshadow to bring out ur green eyes.
    black and white together would really suit this feature
    stripes but not too much, dark color polos, and more.

  2. dark clothes prob wouldnt look all that great on pale skin, it will only make the skin look lighter.
    Ive got very pale english looking skin (even tho im an aussie) ive found sticking with bright colours takes the focus off the skin.
    Green eyes r gorgeous! try wearing some green coloured tops or pink or purple even.

  3. Dark colours will go great !
    Blacks, Grey’s look awesome but basically anything will look alright……greens, blues, even pinks…just as long as the colour isnt too pale. Bright colours will go too….eg. fluro’s

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