What could the outline be for a 5 paragraph essay on Solar energy?

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay on solar energy. How can i break down statistics on solar energy and write this essay? I need 3 support points what could they be? Thank you..

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  1. First paragraph

    What is solar power? There are two types.

    2nd tell us about the first type

    3rd tell us about the second

    4th what are the benifits of solar, as apposed to wind, geothermal, and hydro elecric?

    5th conclusion, tell us about the possible future uses and advancements of solar.

  2. Paragraph #1: Introduce solar energy and tell us what it is. Then tell us what the main idea of your essay is going to be. For example, are you discussing the pros and cons? The sources/installation of solar energy? Hit three points, like a couplees pros and con (or vise versa), three sources of solar energy, three ways it is used.

    Paragraphs #2-4: Use each paragraph to discuss one of those points. Don’t worry about any other point during each paragraph. Begin each paragraph with a catchy line about the point. DO NOT just say "Then there is <insert point>." Here’s a better example: "A downside to solar energy is high installation costs." Then you can begin telling about the installation costs.

    Paragraph #5: Wrap up and summarize. If this is a persuasive essay, throw in your opinion here. Draw a conclusion. Where does solar energy lie in the cost/benefit analysis? Where does solar energy come from? Do not bring in any terribly new information here.

    Any data you have, USE IT! Teachers like numbers and evidence. Put it in the appropriate paragraph, not in the conclusion.

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