What curtains/art would tie green and red together in a living room?

I have a green recliner and a dark red leather couch.. I want to put them both in the living room. But I want it to all look good together! Include links if possible.

3 thoughts on “What curtains/art would tie green and red together in a living room?”

  1. I like the answer with purple in it. Very good color that goes with both red and green. Another color to think about is black. What about a black area rug with green and red accents or black drapes with red and green swags or red and green fabric tie backs.

    Tan would also be a good accent color with the green, red, and black.

  2. I would say something dark blue or purple, with possibly some peach in it. Unless you want it to be just green and red. That…green and red paintings, paint them yourself or have a friend who is artistic to pain for you. whatever furniture color you have nearest to the window, have the curtains be the OTHER color. So if red is by the window do green curtains. Possible some peach kind of rug. Also, red pillows for the green and green for the red couch.

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