whats the best way to go green living in a apartment?

i was wondering whats the best way to go green living in an apartment

5 thoughts on “whats the best way to go green living in a apartment?”

  1. unplug your cell charger when you are not using it; when it is plugged in it sucks up energy even if you are not charging your phone!

  2. dramaqueen_sierra

    turn of the sink while your brushing your teeth and turning your computer/lab top off when your not using it if you are writing something down use both sides of the paper so you can save trees! recycle of course instead of just throwing stuff away, throw it in the recycling bin!

  3. Recycle your soda cans, beer cans, plastics, paper etc….find a local recycle center for these things if your apartment building does not offer it.

    Replace light bulbs with the low emission kind available at local home improvement stores….they kinda remind you of a bunch of tubes bent in a "U" shape.

    They cost a little more, but save on electricity, therefore helping you save money on your bill too.

    Use environmentally friendly cleaners instead of the typical ones you get at the dollar store. Ask the grocery store where you can find these……Clorox makes one…."green" something or other……

    Ensure your apartment maintenance dept. change out the air filters in your apartment regularly. Once a month is best. Stay on top of it!

    Purchase a HEPA filter type vacuum cleaner and keep clean filters in it when you clean.

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