What do plants use – light energy or solar energy?

I have a test tomorrow and this question came in my mind because most of the books say it about solar energy but there are many who say it as light energy also. Even Wikipedia has it that the chlorophyll uses the light energy and I found no mention of solar energy in it.
Help please!!!

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  1. the green pigment chlorophyll trapts LIGHT ENERGY and converts it into chemical energy which is used in the photosynthetic reactions

  2. Hello friend.
    Think it out like this. The sun is source of light and heat. Light energy and heat energy. Hence when u read the line "plants use light energy" it implies indirectly that it uses solar energy.
    all the best for the test.

  3. The sun radiates all of the electromagnetic spectrum from cosmic rays to radio waves.[a range of wavelengths ]

    Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Heat or infrared is also part of the EMS, as we can feel in the sunlight. The ultraviolet causes our sunburn.

    Plants use a certain set of wavelengths of light.

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