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Gino Green Global clothing line

25 thoughts on “Gino Green Global”

  1. @typhitup i agree with ya…..turn the “g”s upside down its 666……dam signs of the devil are everywhere but people are just too blind to see em’

  2. i have a red ,black, and silver gino hoodie
    a white, green, and yellow gino polo
    and a black, red, purple, and green tee

  3. I got some ta sell, so if you want hit me up in the message, ya gotta have paypal or send money orders

  4. wuts da point its shirts/sweat shirts/jeans wit g’s on them lol really wuts da point ill stick 2 my white and black tees

  5. That ain’t true.
    Theres fakes with diamonds and theres real wit out diamonds. Believe me… I sell these tees on ebay.

  6. real ones have diamond g’s and have gino green global in diamonds and has ginogreen global on the tag

    fake ones have no diamond g’s and zip up all the way to the top of the hood and have the fakest writing of gino green global ever

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