Custom Green Living

Custom Green Living provides true green integrative design and building if luxury eco homes anywhere in North America.

3 thoughts on “Custom Green Living”

  1. Elektor,
    The essence of green building is having the lowest carbon footprint and the highest strength and insulation performance, no matter where in the world one builds.
    We use patented, automated, feature-recognition software to attain the highest level of quality output, thus minimizing costly errors and waste.
    In 1980, the 3d software that the world now relies on was nowhere near to a point that that could be commercially available without a computer the size of a walk in refrigerator.

  2. dude like wtf? green houses go to the third world there you have CHEAP green houses! OMG dont be so smart ass please. I mean OMG you are americans. Your not green you try but still as a german your cutting EDGE tech is normal for us since 1980…
    dont do that you invent anything ! your just copy pasting us.

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