Where can I find a green home cleaning service near Kent, Ohio?

I’m looking for a green home cleaning service near Kent, Ohio. Anybody know of a good one?

2 thoughts on “Where can I find a green home cleaning service near Kent, Ohio?”

  1. try naturaly green cleaning. there from kent. jus one lady does the cleaning an shes really good.

  2. There’s a place out of Kent, Ohio. Naturally Green Home Cleaning. They go everywhere in Portage County and even up to Hudson and down to Hartville. The lady who owns it is really nice and very fair. She makes her own products but sometimes uses Seventh Generation disinfectants. I use her in my home and so does my brother. She’s always on time and works really hard. She’s very flexible about hours too. I know for a fact that she’s only looking for a couple more clients because she doesn’t want to overbook- exactly what my last cleaning lady did. Every time I come home from work my house smells fresh and looks amazing. Naturally green uses essential oils and lemon juice and olive oil to polish woodwork and the scent just lingers. I would recommend her definitely. Five stars all-around. Oh, and the website is naturallygreenclean.webs.com.

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