Why be so concerned about green living when corp. don't give a damn?

In Dubai they are single-handedly warming up 3 countries as we speak, so it makes me wonder what it’s all about.

Large companies don’t seem to be concerned about the issue of global warming and green living either. They continue to put toxic ingredients in their products, and well we the people buy them.

Also environmentally friendly products are not as widely available as their toxic counterparts

9 thoughts on “Why be so concerned about green living when corp. don't give a damn?”

  1. actually the chinese pollution is blowing over usa too and DONT BUY ANY CHINESE PRODUCT it will take maybe 50-100year before they care abt nature but ONLY IF WE DEMAND IT.
    every product were they havent been writing which country its made in from toys,clothes,electronics and so on they are made in china or some other polluting country.so if they dont write were its made then u know its mostly probably poisoness

  2. what a novel idea, since the corporations are the ones to pollute our water in most cases, and we now have to pay for drinking water, when it should be free, why not make them pay for the cleanup and supply all of us with potable water, instead of the taxpayers?
    just a passing thought.

  3. I agree. manufacturers move their operations out of the US to avoid EPA regulations. China does not regulate crap….one reason they appeal to manufacturers. I guess they think Chinese pollution will not blow over the US!!!

  4. What I love about it (not really) is that we can make many cleaning products for ourselves at home with food and stuff. Celebs like to go on talk shows and tell about these miracle food things that people should do and I say to myself…I’ve know about that for YEARS. I mean, I guess they are trying to make make other people aware of their options without seeming like they are a member of Green Peace. lol I can’t tell if the asker is one of the concerned people or one of the people who is like…f this, I"m not going to contribute if the gov’t isn’t. Whatever the case, I think that Americans should not pay attention to anything that the gov’t does or says. Maybe if it’s something important like.."FREE locally organic grown food for people who have been doing their part to help the earth." Maybe then I’d listen to them. lol I always think about why I bother to give a crap about the earth. I think about it for hours at a time sometimes. The thought that comes to mind most is that we sprung from the earth. No matter what religion or spiritual belief you have, I think you can agree that our bodies were originally composed of earth matter. Stardust. Whatever. But I kind of think of it as…the earth is my true mother, father, everything. The earth is my provider, my lover, and one day my child. Now that I am at a stage of life (19 yrs old) where I realize that my giver of life needs me to go on to sprout other beings…I can do nothing but say YES. Now I have to treat it as if it is my child along with every other role it has in my life. So while I grow things from the earth, use it as my shelter, and admire it’s beauty, I must also let it know how much I care about it by living as "green" as possible.

  5. The more people go green and take their money to companies that do go green will make more companies go green to get the all mighty buck. Just think if there were enouph people that didn’t buy a toxic product don’t you think the company would say we can’t make enouph off of this product any more lets change.
    Even just individuals can make a difference. Think back to how many much more toxic products there were years ago. For example asbestos although it is not banned the consumer demand dropped and the cost of litigation to companies that still used it by people who got sick got so high that its not available in many countries. Another example is the amount of VOCs in paint. When henery ford was painting his cars it contained close to 90% VOCs and now due to consumer demand for better and safer products even when still talking about oilbased paints many now have under 30% VOCs and if you look at any kind of paint there are now paints with no VOCs.

  6. The only way corporations will ever give a ‘damn’ is if we start refusing to buy their products unless – and until – they become more conscious of the environment, and recognize the delicate ecological balance between all men, plants and animals that is absolutely necessary for our very survival.
    That means we must give up eating Big Macs because cheap hamburgers creates more of a demand for grazing land in the rain forests. The more trees that are felled, the less rain forest remains – and that has a dramatic impact on our environment.
    That means we have to stop buying gas-guzzling Hummers and SUVs and pledge to purchase only autos and vehicles that run on alternative fuels, or at least are significantly more fuel efficient.
    That means we have to educate ourselves to understand why the extinction of polar bears or remote Eskimo tribes or caribou migration routes have a direct bearing on our own survival as a species.
    That means we have to do everything possible to curb the threat of global warming; end the destruction of mangrove forests; stop the over fishing of our oceans; quit polluting our air and water, and begin having much more respect for every living creature on this planet. If we don’t, we will all die. But before that happens, we will very possibly see our own grandchildren and great-grandchildren suffer from the result of our own selfish, greedy, squanderous gluttony, hubris and squalor. -RKO- 12/21/07

  7. Well if we stop buying the products with toxic ingredients, corporations will start to pay attention. They are in business to make money and if they can’t make money selling products with toxic ingredients then they will start making better products. Who are you going to let control your life? If you just blindly buy what corporations put in front of you or advertise on TV, then you are letting the corporations control your life.

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