Why do people in the green living section doubt that eating meat harms the environment?

These people supposedly care about the environment, but when I asked about being vegetarian for the sake of the environment, and linked the following article: http://www.taxmeat.com/ecological.asp I seemed to get negative responses.

Do they not believe that factory farming is one of the biggest polluters or do they just put their need for a cheeseburger ahead of their love for the environment? If they would cut down their meat intake, they could not only lower their environmental impact but would be living a much healthier lifestyle, cutting down costs of healthcare as well.

Producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 20 miles. By giving up the hamburgers, you could theoretically "pay" for the carbon costs of your drive to work.

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  1. I know that what i’m about to say may sound ignorant but oh well…my opinion…firstly that report was funded by PETA so care has to be taken when choosing whether or not to believe it…also, i can give some facts…did you know that during harvest, when harvesting one field of say 0.5km2 that the combine harvester can kill between 30 and 150 animals…so how can vegies eat there wheat based products knowing that the process of making that product has killed animals…at least my steak only killed one animal…

    I do agree that something does need to be done about the pollution coming from factory farms…but i am not gonna give up meat…not until everyone ditches their cars, stops going on holiday by jets and ferries, turns off all the elctricity to their houses and stops using lotions plastics, which all come from fossil fuels, and cannot be easily disposed of. For example, PVC is a replacement for leather but is one of the most damaging products at least leather doesn’t harm the environment…

    I’m done

  2. Eating meat is a god given right as part of being top of the food chain, if you will. We have evolved over millions of years eating meat, our body’s would reject such materials otherwise.

    Meat is a large part of our diet ask any nutritionist, without it the body would be severely impaired to that of an average human, suffering from all kinds of deficiencies, lack of iron protein fats and even certain types of acids that the body has grown to require.

    I agree that stopping eating burgers would have a diverse and hopefully a continuous knock on effect to making people healthier and cutting down on carbon emissions also easing the currant traffic situation somewhat.
    Corporate burger outlets are the real cause of so much anger and pollution i believe that it is here where the cause should be fought

    You can’t tell people what to eat it’s not on.

    Good question really baked my noodle

  3. There’s a green living section? lol, I didnt know that… Ok, my guess would be that ppl sometimes want to do something right for the planet, as long as it’s not too complicated. Which I guess is very human. I understand why you got mostly negative response, some ppl will push away anything that requires a personal change. Truly helping the enviroment requires just that; Personal and constant change-

    And while we’re at it, vegetarianism is a great step in the right direction, but doesnt eliminate many of the issues we have as a result of factory farming. Animal agriculture will exist as long as ppl eat dairy. So if you present that as a solution, ppl who know a bit more about enviromental issues are not going to buy it. Maybe encouraging ppl to make small steps, depending on their situation and willpower, would work better? Some can deal with more, though. But I guess you just have to sense that.

  4. so what do you want? no more meat production? cows and pigs to become extinct because we don’t need them? I love meat and will never stop eating it.

    right now at this moment I am eating 1/2 pound burger with diced onions and bacon in it. YUM!!!!!

    and I would never, EVER date a girl who is a vegatarian.

  5. They’re idiots, that’s why. They’re so pathetic, their whole lives are run entirely by their tastebuds.

  6. Well I love-LOVE meat, but we get our beef from a private farm that friends of my gfs family own, who never have more than five cows, and of those five, three are for milk. We don’t gorge ourselves on an all meat diet either.They just feed em good stuff and it makes all the difference.
    Id also like to add that I have a healthy lifestyle, so the beef is good protein, not a heart attack, in my case

  7. Because they are not prepared to work to ensure organic local production of their foods. They also might not be prepared to address their diets even though it is in their interest to decrease their meat intake to about 7.5oz a week which is roughly what they need.

    It scares me that I go a restaurant and they want to serve me more meat in 1 meal then I would eat in 2 weeks. If I have to I will take a few bites of the meat, then put it to the side and enjoy my salad, veggies and rice.

    I am the strange though, I make up meals from the side dishes menu. Sometimes if I am really hungry I will have 4 or 5 side dishes.

    Btw I really like your sense of humor. You sound like a really cool/ interesting person.

    nehru jacket, I read your post and I feel so sorry for you. You need not starve on wild food, it is tasty and I have never been hungry after a good dandelion salad. I would suggest you look for a good wild edible guide book.

  8. Because thats conveniently left out of the news and the public. You won’t hear cut out meat in the media unless there is a contamination. or a recent study on cancer causes, (then the news dies down b4 it was even heard) Look how offended people get when its suggested that they should get rid of their suvs and horrid hummers! Spoiled society, thats what I say. I AM AN AMERICAN, WHATEVA I DO WHAT I WANT! you know what i mean? 🙂

  9. You’re absolutely correct, and it’s such a shame that there’s so much hostility toward the environment and vegetarian/vegan-ism on this site. Don’t be discouraged! You’re on the right track, and we’ll be proven right in the long run. All we can do is our best, and hope that enough of us do enough to save the planet for our kids and their kids. More people will join the efforts as the facts reveal themselves.

  10. For the same reason that some Vegetarians <ahem> don’t think that shopping at Wal*Mart is harmful to the planet/society.

    No really, I eat meat, but very little meat and meat that comes from organic farms. I don’t believe in factory farming either. However, isn’t asking a question like this exactly like asking the one that I recently asked about Wal*mart in which you blasted me on??? We are all free to feel and think as we wish and every little bit that we do for the planet is better than nothing, right???

    And it’s not just about WHAT you buy. WHERE you buy is just as (if not more) important as they can be an evil company of even larger proportions.

  11. Well said, S.C.!

    I agree that a likely factor is denial. It’s easy to change the kind of dishwashing detergent you use or drive a more fuel efficient car. It’s another thing to change what you eat every day for the rest of your life. Going vegetarian, and especially going vegan, are MAJOR changes for most people. I can understand the resistance and the denial. For example, dairy and chicken farms also contribute to pollution and most allow or cause animals to suffer horribly, but there are still a lot of vegetarians who have not made the jump to veganism…am I right? They have their excuses, too, despite studies that show eating eggs and cheese and milk aren’t good for you or the environment. If people who are already aware of the health risks and animal cruelty that comes along with consuming animal products have a hard time commiting themselves fully to an animal-free diet you can imagine how much more difficult it’s going to be for people who are just hearing about the environmental impact of large scale animal farming for the first time. Defenses go up. I think, though, that by educating people and making sure that your info includes reputable, unbiased sources that at least some people who are truly concerned will eventually get the message and make the change.

    Good question!

  12. The answer is so simple. Eating meat clogs the arteries of the brain creating a human looking idiot that can still speak but posseses little spiritual awareness and a hardened heart.

  13. Interesting to know that meat cause more pollution, but since I do not believe that the global climate change is man-induced, I am not too much worried about its effects. The whole planet is a kind of huge organism, and I believed that she is old enough to tell us when enough is enough… We should learn about it sooner than later I guess, but we can’t just change the whole global market… If we don’t eat this meat, they will sell it to somewhere else…
    But I do agree that eating meat increase our oxidizer, that are responsible to deteriorate our cells at faster than normal rate… This is goog enough for me… If you look at the diet of the Okinawan (world oldest population), their eating mostly tofu and vegetables….

    Edit: If you really need incentives to stop eating meat, then travel to China for a while… They cook whole fish and shrimps while still alive, put a whole black chicken in their soup (head and claws EVERYTHING), you even have a fish that is cooked in front of you, and when you begin to eat it, he still alive… Gross and disgustings it is why I did not have choice to eat Subways (when I could find one) and Kentucky… There was no other alternatives believe me!!

  14. Well, i own an arable farm and we keep pet cows and sheep so am well placed to comment on the land required.

    A cow needs about 5 acres to live and rotate. It would feed about 50 people for one meal.

    On the same 5 acres, i could feed a village for a year from arables.

    As for polution, you are right, the meat industry is just that – an industry with all its associated polutants during breeding, rearing, feed production, transport and processing – far more than any arable processing.

    amy f said "you need meat to live a long and healthy life "……….thanks for telling me, i guess i’ve been dead for 27 years since i turned veggie have i ? Oh no, wait, maybe what you said was rubbish.

  15. Just because they answered the question, doesn’t mean they are environmentalists. They probably don’t even know what category they answered in..it happens all the time on Yahoo.

  16. silverthorshammer

    Well we are Omnivores, (check the teeth) I believe that there are definitely healthier ways to produce the meats we eat.
    But you can’t just pick out one industry and say well if these guys did this then we would be better off. It has to be a larger all encompassing act to attack and the industries that are abusing our planet.
    By the way I love the fact that you chose to show how NOT eating 1 hamburger could allow you to DRIVE your car another 20 miles!

  17. well people hve thir opinions mines is eating meat and vegies r a real big part in our life cycle 4 example if we eat vegies and meat we r keepping our life cycle balannced .

  18. I think it’s denial. Like smokers that toss their cigarette butts out the car window and don’t think that they’re littering.

  19. I AM WITH YOU,
    i do not wear clothes because i am afraid a bug will be caught in the fold of my clothes and be killed
    i only eat things that grow wild, although i am hungry most of the time

  20. I think giving up eating meat is waaaay too much of a sacrifice for the environment. I cant turn down a nice BBQ pulled pork sandwich with a side of cheesy bacon fries for nothing!! sorry about your cause.

  21. you need meat to live a long and healthy life . care about yourself a little bit more and not just the environment. vitamins alone will not take the place of meat. we are carnivores. eat your meat!!!

  22. wow thanks for the info. they can make "good" reasons up that support thier beliefs but I think reason and compassion will win out in the end. Thanks to people like you

  23. I agree with you 100%, as a vegetarian. However, if people won’t cut back their meat consumption (or go all organic) for their own health, they’re unlikely to do so for a less immediate cause, such as the environment. It seems as though most omnis also think that this issue is vegetarian propaganda….all the omnis I tell about factory farming being the largest contributor to pollution ask for my sources (which I gladly give them).

    To those of you who criticized her question or her vegetarian lifestyle, grow up. If you’re not willing to give up your cheeseburger, don’t lay into those of us who actually take care of our bodies, minds, and the environment through diet.

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