Why isn't the federal government willing to subsidize solar energy panels for homes?

Some states like TX and NJ will subsidize solar energy 40% worth.
But the technology to date has been quite costly in spite of these states’ subsidizing the cost. However, solar energy is starting to turn the corner cost-effectively in the past year or two.
Why is there no serious encouragement from the federal gov’t to encourage homeowners to install solar energy panels by offerering subsidies or rebates for installing it?
Would this be a good idea?

4 thoughts on “Why isn't the federal government willing to subsidize solar energy panels for homes?”

  1. Rizzo The Cleaner

    That seems like a good idea on the surface. However, government subsidies will keep prices higher. This is was what happened temporarily with car prices due to the cash for clunkers program. Government intervention is also part of what is keeping home prices higher in some markets like in parts of California. I know both because I visited the dealership where I bought my car in March and saw the price inflation for the same models first hand. I have also been searching to buy a house in the Silicon Valley and the first time buyer’s credit is partially responsible for keeping home prices higher than they should be. Always trust the government to screw things up somehow. (Ironically, the emergency increase in the California sales tax and vehicle licensing fees are what prompted me to purchase back in March.)

    What they could do for solar is mandate it for new construction, especially for larger homes. A $20K system is peanuts on a >$500K new home.

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