Why don’t environmentalists tell people that they save money by living Green?

Why don’t Green people say that living green can be cheaper way of life rather than calling someone an idiot for ignoring or not believing in global warming?

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  1. You can save money by living Green and even earn money by going green as well. Check this reference for great ideas:

  2. Because we get sick of people denying the truth in order to save themselves hassle. It gets fairly frustrating to talk to someone and tell them the world is dying and see that they don’t care. Sometimes we get carried away because it is so hard to see people ignoring reality and hoping it will go away when every second we wait means it might be too late to balance the climate again. These people are going to regret their actions in twenty years but by then it will be too late.

    If I talk about global climate change (not warming, since some places will actually get colder or just go into a 50-year drought or just have 50 more inches of rain a year) I don’t usually do the gloom talk or call people idiots-although I may think it ;-). I’ve realized that people are inherently selfish and so I do tell people it’s cheaper or easier. Of course it’s cheaper to put in a few solar panels and not buy electricity for forever. It’s cheaper to wash a few dish cloths rather than constantly buy paper towels. They even pay you to take recyclables back. People don’t listen though. They want to believe what they want to believe and will find every way possible of ignoring anything that isn’t their version of truth.

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  4. Lots of things you can do to be more "Green" can save you money, and I do here other people say that you can save money by living green. Well, everybody knows about the light bulbs now, the CFLs (Compact fluorescent lights). They cost two-three times more than the old bulbs but last Five, or more, times longer AND use less wattage but are just as bright. Being more green can be just saving electricity. You can just cut back or better yet get better, or more, insulation for your home so that your air doesn’t run as much but you stay just as cool or warm. I don’t expect anyone, including myself, to go completely green but there are some that won’t even do the things to help themselves and their families just because someone calls it being "environmentally friendly". Those people are just stubborn and think "Oh they are hippies", and that Is being stupid.

  5. I can’t speak for all but I do. My personal bent is that if GW is real it’s only a very small reason for caring about the environment. Believing or not believing doesn’t qualify one as an idiot – I know smart people and dumb people on both sides – so I personally wouldn’t make that claim.

    Greening my life has saves me bunches of bucks. There are a few items that I pay more for (ex.: organic eggs are $0.68/dozen more) but those items are few and the added cost is still FAR less than what I save in water, power, gas, and misc. expenses.

  6. It is probably more expensive and harder to conciously live green.I’m a republican and never will. lol.Just live green and be happy if it makes you happy.Dont try to push ideals such as these on others or you might give your cause a bad name.

  7. Living green has not saved us money but in fact cost us money, I would rather environmentalist keep to themselves and pick up garbage on the side of the road.

  8. any money saved will be taken in extra ‘carbon taxes’ sponsored by BIG GREEN Al Gore

  9. That is one of my favorite points to make. I don’t argue about Global Warming, I have no idea if it what they say is true. I was green long before I heard the term.

    When the 1st principal is reduce how can it not save money. You don’t have to go out and spend money on solar panels or live like a cave man to reduce the amount of energy you use. We have so many things in our home that use electricity with no benifit to use. Almost all electronics use standby energy, we have many things that have batteries that we charge 24/7 when they only need to charge once a week. I cut my electric bill by at least $50 a month by using a power cord with a switch to plug in my tv,vcr, stereo and game system. I also unplug chargers when they aren’t charging. No decline in lifestyle there.

    I save money also be switching to durable reusable items instead of disposable one use items. I haven’t had to buy disposable plates for our bbq’s for years instead I have a selection of heavy duty plastic plates that will last for years.

    I save money and reduce my exposure to questionable chemicals with natural cleaning products, it cost about 50 cents to make a bottle of window cleaner instead of paying over $3 for windex and I don’t have to worry about amonia damaging my lungs.

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