how to achieve a golf green lawn at home?

right now my lawn is green due to weeds I have bemuda grass and would like quick results because I don’t have a green thumb ?

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  1. Spray paint!! …No seriously…they sale a green grass seed type spay…works great…..

  2. You have to realize that golf greens have different grasses and various varieties too. There is a special grasses for putting greens and there are different grasses for the fare-way. Plus they have different mowers to cut with. They cut with reel mowers not rotary mowers. It different seeds and mowers that make up the golf greens.

  3. Use a broad-leaf weed killer such as MSMA. Then apply 1/2 to 1" compost from a good landscape supplier. A bulk type is superior to the bagged products. Stay away from ‘top dressing’ as this is 1/2 sand 1/2 compost and is much more labor intensive to apply.(top dressing is good for leveling a bumpy yard though) Water in the deeply after application. Composting will aerate the soil reducing watering needs and add loads of nutrients almost eliminating needs for fertilizers. Apply it once a year. Frequent mowing will break the weed life cycle by not allowing them to reproduce. The healthy Bermuda will also choke out most weeds. Remember that in the U.S.A. Bermuda is dormant in the winter and will green up in March. Also a pre- emergent will suppress any new weed growth. As for the golf courses, they scalp the Bermuda in the fall and plant annual winter rye for those amazing greens and you can too. In the spring the Rye dies off and the Bermuda returns. Compost,compost,compost.

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