World’s Greenest Homes – Dome Home

How green can you go when you’re living in the desert? Check out the geodesic dome!

25 thoughts on “World’s Greenest Homes – Dome Home”

  1. myCreativeDifference

    @montana121233 Unfortunately and fortunately the adds help pay for this site. Usually adds only go on the most successful videos so its good that a video on green living has attracted so much attention. I agree that the adds can be annoying but atleast we have this forum that we can use 🙂

  2. why dose every video have an add in front of it… it makes me want ti throw my wireless mouse across the basment were I live

  3. I like how they keep panning the same shot over and over and over, as if to say,”This is all there is to see, one open room”

    and then the camera keeps panning up “This is where all the heat goes, way up there!”

  4. @sev07pass actually “dome” houses (such Domespace or Geodesic dome) do have less surfaces than cubic houses which do have lot of unused surfaces… so more required materials, etc…

    For instance, the Domespaces do have a very little ground foundations requirement, even on larger models.

  5. @elcampestrevoraz Actually, wood is one of the only sustainable material. If the builder do use materials from replanted woods programs and don’t use any chemical additives, it’ll be green. Concrete constructions required 72% more energy than wood constructions.

    Wood Houses isn’t the main issue today. There are tons of issues but coming from other market… such Tobacco for instance which represents over 600 millions of tons of woods per year. Google “WWF tabacco requires wood” and check it out

  6. Yeah it’s a sick house, and doesn’t require much heating, but the building of it? Nothing about this house is greener than a normal house. Worse even.

  7. bing is good but google is superb. I’ve never used bing before and don’t plan on using it cause it will probably suck.

  8. just want to make sure that everybody knows, the greenest home is the one that’s already built . . . embodied energy, people.

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