World’s largest solar-powered boat

The boat, which has 530 square metres of solar panels, is sailing around the world. . Follow us on twitter at .

25 thoughts on “World’s largest solar-powered boat”

  1. I know why Al Gore worries about only 150 years of apparent warming, and thinks that is not normal for a normal climate, that is supposed to be forever as it is now.

    Because that is all that the mediocre politicians can grasp. 100000 is too long for them.

  2. @VexZeez That report is ignorant of the Milankovich cycle of 100000 years. It along the same false lies and talk about the “last” ice age ending 11000 years and ago and that it was the last ice age ever. The temperature goes in cycles globally every 100000 years, several lake bed and ice cores show the same cycle. Corbyn’s mini-ice age is part of the long term graph. For some reason our intermediate period has been longer than the last 4 hundreds of thousands of yearsago.Google Vostok petit data

  3. @VexZeez Here’s another video:

    Major Global Cooling Period Predicted: /watch?v=uzmdbhmN3a0
    Global Cooling CoverUp eXposed: watch?v=cJvSlAqq2_s

  4. @mrteemumilto The ice age is already here. Look up Piers Corbyn. He is a scientist that relies on solar-lunar-magnetic forces. He said we’ve entered a mini ice age. The appreciation of temperature will accelerate in 2011. The coldest will be reached in 25 years.


  5. @areyoupierreWhen it’s not from great Britain they don’t tell the country…
    areyoupierre hace 2 horas

  6. @areyoupierre i think to the contrary. some of the biggest leaps in bringing technology to the market have started as seeminly frivolous experiments.

  7. @VexZeez Never heard of magnetic forces causing other than tides.

    The orbit around the Sun is reportedly causing ice ages of 90000 years with 10000 years of warm intermediate periods, and we are now 10000 into the present intermediate period. The ice age is coming, and the CO2 may postpone is a few years. They aren’t sure about how many years, but they aren’t telling it in public.

  8. This nonsense reminds me of billionaire Guy Laliberté who went into space to alert the public to droughts and energy efficiency. That boat has probably wasted 20 times the amount of energy that would normally be spent to built a boat. These people are just pure narcissists. They don’t help humanity whatsoever.

  9. @VexZeez What you say is right and false. It hasn’t been proved that the carbon dioxide changed the weather BUT it hasn’t been proved that it not change the weather. So don’t say things like that when you don’t know.

  10. Global warming is a fraud. Carbon dioxide doesn’t influence weather. By blaming carbon dioxide governments can pass costly regulations benefiting big business that can handle the extra expense and consolidate startups and small competitors that can’t. This produces less choices and innovation and mega-conglomerations which we’ll depend on to buy products and services.

    The driver of weather is solar-lunar-magnetic forces.

  11. @aude11360 I don’t speak very well English, so i can’t debate with you… But you’r pessimist.

  12. @areyoupierre “This man is doing something for the environment” What is he doing exactly ??? A jolly around the world jaunt with already proven solar tech that has no place in marine energy efficiency or environment impact.. Just a PR stunt. For better environment understanding and ways to improve it, we should not be blinded by gimmicks because they devalue real efforts at energy efficiency.

  13. @mrteemumilto No, but listen to the video, did you hear just on time that this boat is from Switzerland?
    And I wasn’t saying that you were implying that this boat was from Great Britain.

  14. @aude11360 Beeing on Youtube is a wate of time. Better not go on your computer for a lower environmental impact. You consume a lot of energy. This man is doing something for the environment when you do nothing.

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