My daughter's bedroom is beige and green. What should be the color of the wall paper and the curtain?

Is blue suitable or yellow or dark green? And what about the colr of the bed clothing? Should it be the same of the curtain and wall?

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  1. your bedding should be a combination of the walls and the curtains. pale yellow would be a good accent color. however you could just stay in the green zone. the curtains could be either a shade darker or lighter than the green on the walls and the wallpaper could be a combination of both greens and a pale yellow.

  2. Belize Missionary

    What a wonderful, relaxing room this will be.

    Complimentary colors would be either purple or orange. You could use a purply/blue if you wanted to. The purple tends toward being more relaxed, while the orange is more active. Small doses of either one will give the room the ‘pop’ it needs.

    Remember these colors are complimentary and should only be used in small doses – throw pillows, etc

  3. Yellow is suitable. Green for the bed clothing, with maybe yellow stripe(s). Sample different treatments and then decide.

  4. a liight color will make the size of the room larger and the beige and green can be incorporating borders or highlights to one area. Then add art with lighter shades of these two main colors. If you want the room to shrink in size you can use a darker shade. If you want only one side to shrink and the rest to look spacious try coloring a small wall in dark and the rest in a light shade then the dark wall can become a feature wall for your room or bed.

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