What color should I paint my living room, I have dark olive green color couches?

The room isn’t very big so it would have to be a lighter color. The carpet is neutral.

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  1. First of all, you are correct that you should be using a lighter color on the walls in a small room to open it up a bit.

    We did a dining room in Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold a few years ago. It’s light and toned down, kind of like an elegant mustard. Just so happens that the backs and seats of our dining room chairs were a lighter olive so it went together rather well.

    I’d keep the accents lighter as well. Throws working in a combination of golds, lighter olives, and whites. Hopefully you have medium brown colored wood furniture. I think this would work the best given the dark olive couches and gold walls.

  2. I don’t think that way. I like to start out with an inspiration picture, since decor is all about the visual. If you pick out a favorite picture, you can use it as a guide for all your choices and avoid costly mistakes. The room will still come out uniquely you.

    Here is a link to a kazillion pretty living rooms. I’ll bet you can get some great ideas in there. Have fun!


  3. Olive is an earthy color so I think any earthy color would look good and you can blend the wall color by accessories. I would use more then the 2 though so it doesn’t get boring.

  4. What color is neutral? I would get a paint chip the same color as my couches and take it to the paint store and have the paint man show you the matching lighter colors of paint to go with your sofas. By finding the chip to match the furniture he will be sure to give you a shade that will go perfectly. There will be many shades between the sofa and the furniture and they will all be the same green with more and more white added. Good luck

  5. I have olive green sofas and we painted the room in a sort of "dijon mustard" gold. I made window coverings from a washed out tapestry design with the green and gold among a few other colors, then chose an oriental type rug with some of the colors and used a brown-red in the drapes and rug for toss pillows, throw and lampshades. A few vases to anchor color around the room and it looked amazing. You can do the same with almost any color combination. Choose some paint chips you like and play around with color combinations you’re at home with. As long as you incorporate your green into other areas, you’ve pretty much got a blank canvas.

  6. Eggshell walls, with maroon pillows and eggshell pillows – some with a black or white flower print.

  7. A warm gold would be nice,or pastel peach,pastel yellow or a egg shell shade of white,then using a border to highlight the furniture colors
    would work too…>=)

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